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Here at Sempiternal Guitars we do also undertake repair and set up work to keep your guitars in top condition. Below is a list of various prices. If there is something not on the list then please do get in contact to find out more. We will always be honest with you and try to give the best advice we can. If we feel that the cost of repairing a guitar outweighs or comes close the price of the guitar itself, then we will always let you know.


£10 plus price of strings of your choice

Set up

Acoustic - £25 plus price of strings of your choice
Electric - £35 plus price of strings of your choice

 What does a set up include?

We would recommend getting a set up twice a year, more if you gig regularly. A set up will include:

- Full clean and polish

- Fret polish

- Electronics check plus pot clean

- Truss rod readjustment to factory spec

- Action adjustment to factory spec

- Intonation (true tuning of instrument)

Finish repair

Guitars get dropped! Often refinishing an entire guitar can be pretty costly, so 'drop filling' the dent is often the most suitable method. We can't promise that the blemish will totally disappear, but it will certainly look considerably better to the point you barely notice it.

Drop fill - £50 per fill

Nut replacement

Bone, hand carved - £50
Graphite, hand carved - £70

Fret work

Re-levelling + redressing - £60
Brand new frets - from £80
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