The Reaper Series

Here at Sempiternal Guitars we have spent a considerable amount of time developing a product that delivers a unique tone, while also providing comfortable playing and a striking aesthetic. We are passionate about sound and achieving a tone that is unique to Sempiternal Guitars, as well as you. The Reaper Series is a series of guitars and basses that are focused on creating a punchy low end that stands out in the mix, appealing to the 'metalcore' and 'djent' genres of music.

The Reapers are a composite of wood, resin and carbon fibre, creating an extremely dense guitar that is also light weight. Typically, guitars that use denser tonewoods in their necks and bodies will give a crunchier tone with a much more exaggerated pick attack that slightly boosts mid tones, giving that typical modern metal tone. The combination of the wood, resin and carbon fibre coupled with your running gear will create a truly unique tone.

Please note, these guitars are hand made on receipt of payment, build time is estimated between 1 and 2 months (not including shipping) 

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Sempiternal Guitars

Joshua Gentle - Director and Designer

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