This limited edition 7 string guitar is a through neck mulitscale construction. The central neck is made up of three Maple billets combined with 2 Walnut billets. Each billet is separated with a subtle grey laminate extending the whole length of the guitar. The fingerboard is made of a combo of Maple and Walnut, inlayed with balck acryllic in the Maple and Mother of Pearl in the Walnut. The neck has a two way adjustable truss rod reinforced with two carbon fibre rods either side for extra neck stability. The main body is made of a light oak with a subtle rippling effect. The drop top is a Poplar burl combined with black pearlescent resin. This means that depending on how the light shines on the resin it will either look completely black, or the pearlescense infused with the resin with give a lovely almost glitter like glow. The headstock is also laminated with the same Poplar resin, with a truss rod cover also made from the black resin. 


The scale length on this guitar ranges from 25.5" to 27.5" which gives this guitar the ability to acheive some crushing low end notes. The pickups are high gain Bareknuckle (TM) 'Warpig' humbuckers as a pair. These are wired to a 3 way selector switch and one volume and one tone pot. When mixed with some heavy distortion, the capabilities of this guitar come alive, brutal "Djent" style low ends crisp crunchy mids and high gain treble. Pinch harmonics will be loud and easy to acheive thanks to these overwound pickups. The high density of the centre line wood works fantastically well with the pick ups to give a choppy clear sounding attack in the low to mid ends. 


Quick Spec:

Scale length: 25.5"-27.5"

Fingerboard Radius: 20"

Machine Head: Gotoh 15:1 ratio

Bridge: ABM Single Bridges

Nut: Bone

Finish: Gloss Varnish

String Guage: 10 Guage

Orientation: Right Handed


Sempiternal 7 String Limited Edition

Custom Flight Case
  • Please be aware that the custom flight case can take up to an additional 10 days to be custom cut to fit the spec of the guitar. Meaning delivery time may vary.

Sempiternal Guitars 2019