A Telecaster style guitar. The body is made of swamp ash wood and the neck is made of maple with a flamed/ribboned maple fret board that has been inlayed with mother of pearl. Bellatrix has a diverse range of sounds from an overdriven bridge to a warm clean neck pickup that is perfect for some blues-style riffs. As standard, Bellatrix comes wired with 2 tone adjust knobs, one volume knob and a three way selector switch between both pickups. If you would like to further customise pickups and choose the colour of your guitar hardware, please email info@sempiternalguitars.com. Colours available for pickups and hardware come in black, chrome or gold.


Custom Flight Case
  • Please note that high gloss finishes in lacquer take longer to acheive than natural oil finishes. Finishes completed with oils can still give a shine however won't give the glass look to the body.

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