The Barracuda is composed of a mahogany body with a spalted maple drop top. The neck on the Barracuda is made from a combo of white limba and red meranti, including the fingerboard, inlayed with abalone shell. This guitar is not chambered as, the bassier and heavier tones will resonate through the full dense hardwood of this body. This gives the Barracuda a punchy crisp sound with a great attack for some heavy riffs. Standard wiring for this model is 2 humbuckers wired to one tone pot and one volume pot, with a 3 way selector switch. If you would like to further customise pickups and choose the colour of your guitar hardware, please email Colours available for pickups and hardware come in black, chrome or gold.


Custom Flight Case
  • Please note that high gloss finishes in lacquer take longer to acheive than natural oil finishes. Finishes completed with oils can still give a shine however won't give the glass look to the body.

Sempiternal Guitars 2019