Full mahogany body with a wenge drop top. The neck is made of maple with an ebony fingerboard and abalone shell inlays. Although already a thin-line guitar, Aethra is available for chambering for even further weight reduction whilst also brightening and warming up some of the tones produced. Aethra is available with a more versatile Blue Engine neck pickup from Iron Gear in order to widen the range of this guitar. Aethra is capable of some powerful, crunchy riffs; while also acheiving some beautiful clean tones. If you would like to further customise pickups and choose the colour of your guitar hardware, please email info@sempiternalguitars.com. Colours available for pickups and hardware come in black, chrome or gold.


Custom Flight Case
  • Please note that high gloss finishes in lacquer take longer to acheive than natural oil finishes. Finishes completed with oils can still give a shine however won't give the glass look to the body.

Sempiternal Guitars 2019